Help please / Came out at trans, didn’t go well. [money problem]


Here the thing. After I started a therapy one month ago, i finally started talking to my mom about me, and finally say to her that i’m a trans ftm. 

It didn’t go well. So, as she says, she had to keep her engagement to pay my studies, because i’m still her “daughter”, but nothing more. 

I’m in real need of money here.

I’m willing to draw any type of commission for any price you see fit. Anything.

You can check my art blog here 

and exemple of regular commissions here

You can contact me by ask or by email : lapaduza@gmail.com

Please, spray the word. 
Thank you in advance.

Anonymous asked:

I'm thinking of losing my virginity soon, like tomorrow. I've thought about it for a while, it's with someone I've been in a steady relationship and without a doubt love. I wasn't 18 when we started dating so now that I'm a legal adult I know it's something I want to do. But why can't I shake this nervousness?

I think a lot of people are bound to be nervous at their first time. What’s important is that you want to do it and feel ready to do it, and that you want to be with your partner. 

Go at both your pace, and dont hesitate to say no or go slow if you feel too nervous. 

And more importantly, enjoy. :) Good luck anon!